Korwyn, son of Horrick

Ranger 1st


Korwyn was born to a farmer of Fen, a yeoman by the name of Horrick. As with all freeman, he was trained in archery and some basic soldiering from a young age. What’s more, though, his aunt was the woodward for the hamlet, and young Korwyn took to woodcraft with abandon. From his early days, she would indulge him by taking him with her on simple jaunts through the woods to investigate poachers and check on various wildlife stocks.

His father, however, objected to his perambulations. Horrick was focused on making a better life for his family, and Korwyn’s disinterest in the maintenance of the farm was a constant source of discord. He was encouraged to focus on animal husbandry and household economics, but his heart was never in it, and he spent every spare moment roaming the woods beyond the fields of Fen.

(Korwyn’s mother died in the first days of the blight. Horrick has turned to ale to comfort him in the meantime.)

On some level, Korwyn’s father blames Korwyn for the blight. Maybe if Korwyn had stayed at home and focused on the crops, they could have been saved. Korwyn thinks this is hogwash. The blight was beyond anyone’s control. Aunt Moriah confirmed it, before she disappeared three days ago. She was following up the rear of the caravan, investigating some strange tracks. She hasn’t been seen since.

Korwyn’s already lost two of his siblings in the past three months, one before the diaspora began, and one since. There is no space for grief on the journey, however.

Admittedly, some of the things Korwyn learned from Moriah have proven useful on the journey, and under normal circumstances, might have garnered some respect from Horrick. Unfortunately, the grief of losing two children and his land precludes Horrick from seeing what his son has become; instead, he blames Korwyn for the family’s misfortune.

Korwyn, for his part, is at his wits’ end. He wants to strike out on his own to try and find Moriah, but also feels a great obligation to get the caravan to Braedon’s Bluff. Further, the animosity between he and his father is on the verge of driving him away from the community at large. The slightly overgrown teen that he is, his thinking goes that if his father doesn’t want him, well then he’ll just leave.

Three younger siblings still living. The eldest is a boy of nine.

Korwyn, son of Horrick

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