lvl 0 human barbarian


The only family Lydia has ever known was her older brother Dimitry. She’s always been somewhat of a tomboy following in her brother’s footsteps all her life. When they were younger, he was very very strong. Lydia wanting to be just like him, also wanted to be strong. However, she was not born with the gift the way her brother was. She trained hard to become (or so she’s been told) one of the strongest females anyone has ever seen.

Lydia and Dimitry work on a farm for another family in order to earn a living. A family of halfling crafters needed help growing what they could , and they benefitted greatly from having their strong working hands on the farm. When the blight hit, the halflings proved too weak and did not make it.

Lydia and Dimitry decided to go their separate ways after a fight over what they should do next. She genuinely hopes to see her brother again someday.


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